नव जीवन

नव जीवन
नव जल, नव कल कल 
नव डग, नव डग मग पग।
नव हर्ष प्रभा
नव जग चेतन
नव पुष्प उदित 
धन्य नव जीवन। 

— अभिषेक रावत


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my precious…

her glimpse, i will hold it,
her breathe, i will live on it,
her smile, will be a wonderment,
her voice, will be a melody of life.


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social entrepreneurship… [work in progress]

How has industrialization hurt the equitable distribution of prosperity in India?

Mahatama Gandhi was opposed to industrialization in India, as he was aware of the economic-greed that would creep in. The result in India is for all to see. The rich and powerful control everything and the perceived reality of the nation is far from the ground truth.
Larger section of society is seething from oppression and lack of basic resources. The GDP of the country is in no way, reflection of the people reeling below poverty line. The inequities with the tribals and Naxalites, lack of reforms with the farmers, lack of focus on bringing North-east into mainstream, and an overall shoddy apparatus for distribution of funds/opportunities to the poor. Where does this leave us?

What are the solutions if any? Who is to sacrifice in a pragmatic way to pave way for these developments? I for one am ready to commit to social-entrepreneurship. And I strongly believe it could play major role in light of government’s apathy towards broad-based social development. While I criticize the government, it is basically all the well-to-do individuals whose greed is reflected in government’s actions. I believe that social entrepreneurship would lead to grass root level changes in the society. And it would lead to multi-faceted strengthening of the weaker sections, so that they can play effectual role in determining their destiny. Hence, could play a role in determining the shape of the nation in totality.

areas of SE: http://www4.gsb.columbia.edu/socialenterprise/careers/resources/areas
MBA programs for SE: http://compassioninpolitics.wordpress.com/2009/02/05/top-mba-and-business-schools-for-social-entrepreneurship/
SE-platform-and-examples: http://www.ashoka.org/fellow/4870


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for you…and love…

on that airport i saw,
those tears of love,
so vivid and clear,
a feeling so dear.

as breath is a nature,
the love adorns life,
despite any beast nature may be,
mutuality is why we survive.

like the larvae that feeds,
on the green and sways wings,
this soul survives on love,
then body moves in the worldly realms.

like a perfect hue on the horizon,
of one shade, from a single stroke,
we all share that shade in us,
the contrast around us differs.

those tears of love in all of us,
are common yet so human,
so binding, so unifying,
as a stroke of love, well done.

are we one in some way?
and we have failed to see,
bound together and ironically apart,
a predicament in this galaxy.

it’s the way we see,
we are made to see,
what we really feel is lost,
and not regained sadly ever.

if we go deep down, somewhere,
beyond the clamor, behind the stage,
with no strings pulled and no fear in heart,
we may touch that stroke of love.

we’ll feel that true emotion,
so visceral, yet so ethereal,
the body will wear an innocent smile,
one with the soul, and one with all.

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la la la….my first attempt at lyrics writing…

da da da…da da da…

da da da…da… da da da….

the sun has just shone bright,

over the horizon of this life,

i can feel it in me,

the magic of symphony.

da da da…da da da…

da da da…da… da da da….

the way you said my name,

is music to my ears,

the way you smile with innocence,

is a wonder for my eyes.

da da da…da da da…

da da da…da… da da da….

as the droplets kiss the earth,

you have touched me deep down,

as the waters wash the shore,

you have splashed me all around.

da da da…da da da…

da da da…da… da da da….

the moment will freeze in my thought,

filled with the joy unbound,

the feel of your embrace,

gives the bliss of a breath.

da da da…da da da…

da da da…da… da da da….

i wish the twinkle stays,

with the freshness of a new sun,

i wish i can see you in both worlds,

in twilight and in daylight.


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singleness, singlehood, singledom… lol


courtesy: “The Republic of Love”

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that night…

Faceless 2 courtesy:http://www.artstudio101.co.za/Sculpture

the frigid season,

that glass chamber,

heartless and arrogant drops,

beating with a deafening anger.

in tattered clothes, he was gasping for breath,

all alone in the ghastly town,

the lost traveler had stumbled and found,

the glass chamber amid ruin.

it shone bright in that darkness,

luring him with the floral scent,

he moved towards the door,

and saw a shadow behind.

there was companion, his heart raced,

he rushed to the door and opened,

welcomed by the faceless host,

he yelled horror and looked back.

Before he could take a leap,

was clasped in a tight grip,

the shadow behind had come close,

of human form, yet alien.

Before he could think ahead,

they held him, took him inside,

his struggle  proved futile, cry useless,

he was exhausted, terrified and he fainted.

taken inside the huge chamber,

he was thrown amongst the other bodies,

laid there for the whole night,

in a dreadful hell, no life in sight.

awoken by the gasping breath of another body,

and morning hue, in the damp chamber,

he stood up exhausted, and walked,

midst the bodies laying all around, with faces down.

in the nook he found huge mirror pieces,

walked up to those and stared,

nothing but horror he could hear,

he touched his face but it was not there.

with dizzy feeling and weak legs,

dragged self to the lot and found the same,

bodies without faces, without identity,

and he lost it there, as others of his kind.

He could never regain the self,

lost in the glare of the glass chamber,

became one of their kind,

yet another lost identity, one more lost soul.

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